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If you feel you are paying too much on your payday loans it’s probably because you are. Call us today and we will verify your loans for you.

About First Choice Advocacy

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First Choice Advocacy is a consumer advocacy group with an inhouse team of experts and network of attorneys that specialize in the laws and regulations within the Payday Loan industry.

If you owe any outstanding payday loans there’s a good chance you may have fallen victim to high interest or illegal lenders without even knowing so. Many payday lenders lend money to applicants that may violate that consumer's state or federal law. And because of those violations, most times the outcome results in the consumers experiencing financial hardships.

These State and Federal laws aren’t subjects we normally learn about and trying to enforce them alone can expedite legal consequences if done incorrectly. You have rights as a consumer and it’s our job to ensure that these rights are being enforced. As a consumer advocacy group we do our due diligence in protecting consumers from predatory lenders; and help if we can, eliminate your payday loan debt.

Our Mission Statement

First Choice Advocacy is dedicated to improving the financial lives of people through support, compassion, and education.

We understand just the thought of owing payday loans is frightening and stressful. Which is why it is important to work with the right group of people to help resolve this matter. Our team of experts and network of attorneys have the experience and expertise to resolve this issue and give you the peace of mind and clarity that you deserve .

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