Payday Loan Relief

The more payday loans you owe, the more our legal service can benefit you financially. Our service consists of combining all of your payday loans into one easy affordable monthly payment - while we work on validating your loans. By combining your loans into one it allows our organization to help free up your budget. Many of our clients improved their finances because of the hundreds and thousands of dollars we were able to save them once they started our service. This creates new opportunity to catch up on other bills or even contribute extra towards other debt!

State and Federal Law

As a consumer advocacy group, it is within our responsibility that the laws that were designed to protect consumers from experiencing any financial hardship by mismanaging payday loans are being enforced. While there are states that have prohibited the sales of payday loans entirely within their state, there are states that do accept the sales of payday loans. States that do, have certain regulations in which payday lenders must follow, however, the unfortunate truth is that many payday lenders do not take the extra procedure of thoroughly qualifying an applicant appropriately; thus at times violating federal and state laws.

Our team of specialists can help verify your lenders to see if your loans qualify for our service. In which if you do then we can work on getting rid of your payday loans together.

Legal Protection

When trying to relieve payday loan debt, at most times it is expected to experience aggressive collection and scare tactics from your payday lenders. Some lenders may and can be quick to garnish your wages or file a lawsuit against you if you have fallen behind in payments. With First Choice Advocacy you’ll have a team of experts solely working on validating your loans while having attorneys on standby incase your lenders attempt to garnish your wages or take you to court; thus shielding you with our legal protection while we work for you. Our teams handle the heavy legal work so you can focus on the things that matter the most, like yourself or your family.

If your ready to be debt free
from your payday loans